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Prevent COVID-19 Outbreaks


Restaurants, Warehouses, Offices, Event Venues, Retail Stores, Factories, Grocery Stores, Hospitals, Casinos, Public Transit

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  • 1. Integrate

    Create an account to configure your data integrations, including video, Point-of-Sales, and Access Control.

  • 2. Identify

    Pre-emptively and automatically identify customers and employees with high risk of exposure from known COVID-19 cases.

  • 3. Relax

    Avoid business disruption by helping affected individuals to quarantine.

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Are you currently dealing with COVID-19 in your workplace?

Find out who may be infected and prevent further spread with a video analysis system that predicts viral infection spread in your organization.

  • Leverage AI to automatically analyze your data assets
  • Determine who may already be infected
  • Establish pro-active tracking to prevent future infections
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